No Butts About It

Here’s a little dog to dog warning for you: watch out for baby butts. Sometimes they try to sit on you. Warning number two: this post might make you listless and forlorn (see bottom for those details).

First, I must admit that I generally love my sister when she’s not trying to sit on my head (especially now that she is eating solids and so thoughtfully drops a bunch of food on the floor for me). Which is sometimes why I allow her to hold my hand:

But those are just a few outtakes. Here’s the final shot (taken a few months back). I think Tyra would approve of my “smise.” Supermodel? Me? You’re too kind.

I must confess that I’m the handsomest devil I’ve ever seen. And while I’m making confessions, I have some good-for-me-but-maybe-sad-for-you news to share: after over a year of blogging I’m taking a little break. Who knows when I’ll be back, but I’ve learned that I like to chillax and “hybernate” over the cold winter months. And since I won’t have photos of myself laying around on the patio or in the sunroom or bug hunting in the backyard I’ve decided to put the breaks on the ol’ blog for a while and enjoy the season of sniffing around for holiday scraps (turkey, pumpkin pie, gingerbread… life is about to get super exciting).

Plus we’re moving to a new house that’s allegedly even more stocked when it comes to backyard bugs and other exciting stuff for a pooch (rumor has it that there might be a big sectional where I can sleep away 90% of the day in my near future). So I’m looking forward to that. Until then, think of me often and smile. Oh and you can always keep tabs on me on my parent’s blog (I work my way in whenever I can) and here on my sister’s flickr page (you’ll catch Burger with a side of Clara from time to time).

Ok, enough chitchat. Off to sleep in front of the heater. My tail is already wagging at the prospect. See you on the flip side!

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  1. I knew this would happen! New sister, new house – no Burger!!

    • Not to worry Barbara- I still get plenty of love. And all the drool and food scraps that I could ever dream of from my sister when I’m not snuggling with mom and dad or bug hunting. I actually think I have it better than Clara since I get to sleep in bed with my parents (she’s in another room in a crib all alone) and I have my own blog that I can come back to whenever I want (she just gets a flickr page- haha).

      Oh yeah and I can walk, feed myself, and I’m potty trained. Life is good when you’re me.


    • I know, right. so sad.

    • I KNOW!!!

  2. The hand-holding comment made me laugh out loud – you will be missed little man. Have a fun winter in the new pad.

  3. We’ll miss you Burger. My 8 year-old son, Jacob, said that you are his favorite “person” on the YHL blog.

  4. Enjoy the holiday’s Burger. Hope your back writing in the spring. Our little pouch is right with you when it comes to having a lazy winter. I think Rufus’ modo is ‘why bother, it is cold’

  5. I’m so bummed! Just found your site and you’re taking a winter break :-( I will look for more blogs in the Spring. Please come back – your blogs are incredible!

  6. We’ll miss you Burger. My 8 year-old son, Jacob, said that you are his favorite “person” on the YHL blog.

  7. Hi Burger.
    How is your new year going? Hope you like your new house. Looks like you have some comfy digs there. Take good care of your little sister & keep it real. xo

    • I’m loving it! Life is good. I could use a few more treats now and then but who couldn’t.


  8. Dear Burger, I miss your posts. I know you’re busy with the excitement of your new pad and all your big brother duties. Although I’m loving catching a glimpse of you on your family videos and stretching out in your yoga positions in their pictures. I think you should enlist Clara’s help to keep up on your posting. :) I know she would write a great guest post about how much she loves being your little sister. Until then,
    One of your loving fans

  9. I mean, that last picture is GREAT!!! Haha!

  10. Missing burger’s blog.. He’s been gone for quite some time. LOL

  11. I agree with Brenda! I just discovered this and was planning to make it the first blog I actively follow, please post some more hamburger!

  12. I know you aren’t blogging right now, but I still had to take a minute to tell you that YOU ARE ADORABLE!!!! And FUNNY!!!!


  13. PLEASE BURGER…you need an agent with that charisma!!!

  14. You are the funniest blogging dog I’ve ever read, I do hope you’ll come back!!

  15. What’s the best way to introduce a baby to a pup? We have a dog-child of our own and are expecting and we are just worried he will be a little jealous of the new addition. Any advise?

    • My parents just brought home my sister’s blanket from the hospital so I could smell it and get acclimated with her scent. They also gave me an exciting new toy and a tasty treat when they brought her home so I would associate her arrival with good things. They still show me lots of love and attention (just as much as they always did) so that ensures that I’m a happy pup. Hope it helps!


  16. They are so Cute!

  17. Burger….. are you even coming back later!!!!!!


    • Maybe when it gets warmer again and I can play outside instead of sleeping all day I’ll have something to blog about! No promises though, I might be too busy hunting bugs. I live a fast paced action packed life.


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