Somebody Get Me A Sleep Mask

Seriously who invented the sun? I am so over the glaring rays in my eyes when I’m trying to sleep. Somebody make a remote control for that thing already.

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  1. Have not seen the sun in Germany for days. Weeks? A month?
    I’d take the Virginia sun this time of year all over again if you want to trade, little guy.

  2. Awww! Penny does this too! I love that little pink skin on their inner thighs also, isn’t it soooo soft? Burger you’re so cute haha!

  3. I thought Ries was the only dog that did that- apparently not. So cute, I love it when they cover up their eyes like the midday sun is just too much to handle in their “complicated” little lives!

  4. LOL These were my Boston Terrier Esther’s sympathies this morning.

  5. Somebody needs some Doggles.

    (Duncan would be happy to give you his. But his Momma won’t let him.)

  6. I love this photo! So freaking cute!!! :-) Just makes me want to cuddle with him.

  7. Dear Burger,
    This picture of you is so cute, I just want to scoop you up and cuddle you (and shield your little eyes from the sun of course, per your request).

    Burger, I am writing with a problem. I don’t have the funds right now to ask your Mom and Dad to help with a mood board, but I really would love their opinion on just one thing: KPP (knotty pine paneling). They’ll know what KPP is, and trust me, it is serious.

    So, Burger, I am asking for a favor. Would you be willing to use your adorable charm to weasel into your Mom and Dad’s hearts and ask them this one little question for me (see below)? I’d owe you big time Burger. Like maybe even some delicious dog treats – yes, I’d owe you big time.

    Here’s the question, please see what you can do:
    We recently bought a 1920′s bungalow that has some original woodwork and charm in it, but also some rooms paneled floor to ceiling with knotty pine. Eventually, we will probably paint it white, but for now I need to brighten the room on a tight budget. It is our guest room, and I want to add some cute curtains, bedding, little lamps, desk etc. My question is: What color(s) work with KPP? I can’t figure it out! The KPP is a warm tone, and I am stumped on which way to go with colors…The trick is to make it the room look bright, clean and nice (calming and upbeat, simple and unique) but not to do anything that will make it look more like a 70′s basement or a North Woods Dive Bar (we live in Minnesota, this is a serious comparison). I’ve researched this a lot online, but can’t come up with much.

    Burger, please help me if you can. And please let me know if there is something I can do for you in return.

    xo, Melissa

    • Hmm, mom and dad said that if you definitely plan to paint the paneling down the line it’s much easier and more cost effective to just paint it now instead of decorating around it and selecting things that complement the paneling (because once you paint it you’ll have to get lots of new stuff and that’s way more pricey than just spending the $40 or so to paint it and then getting on to creating the room of your dreams). Here’s a tutorial. And if you’re still not convinced and want to keep the KPP bare for now, any sort of greens (light grass green, sage, deep emerald, etc) look great with the paneling as well as rich gold hues that complement the yellow undertones. Good luck!

  8. Hey Burger! You should tell your Mom and Dad to get some of those stick on the window shade thingies for your road trips. I mean, they are made for the kings, I mean kids, of the family, right?

  9. Dear Burger,
    Your parents are amazing. And so are you. They offered me wonderful, sound advice, and I deeply appreciate it. Also, Burger, congrats on the news that you will be a big brother!!Please tell your Mom and Dad congrats for me. I know they will make splendid parents! Thanks again.

  10. hahaha this is very adorable!!! cute cute puppy!

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